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Tools for Marble, Stone, Ceramic, Granite and Quartz


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    We offer all consumables you need: CNC tools, sealants, adhesives, silicones...
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    Great variety of diamond blades: granite, porcelain, marble, concave discs, wet cutting, reinforced discs, etc...

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Outstanding tools

Hitachi Sander S18SB 1
Hitachi Sander S18SB
185 €
> BEFORE 271 € <
VAT not included
Mitreforma clamp 90º 0-130 mm. 1
Mitreforma clamp 90º 0-130 mm.
145 €
> BEFORE 180 € <
VAT not included
Stone clamp 105 1
Stone clamp 105
340 €
VAT not included
Perfect white 3172 1
Perfect white 3172
25 €
VAT not included
Diamond hand pads 90x55mm.  1
Diamond hand pads 90x55mm.
22 €
VAT not included
Wet polishing discs 4 Steps  D.100  1
Wet polishing discs 4 Steps D.100
25 €
> BEFORE 30 € <
VAT not included
Stone clamp Caiman 60 1
Stone clamp Caiman 60
840 €
VAT not included
Air Wet Polisher D.100 GPW7 1
Air Wet Polisher D.100 GPW7
250 €
VAT not included
Finger Bit Porcelain D.20 H.40 1
Finger Bit Porcelain D.20 H.40
95 €
> BEFORE 110 € <
VAT not included
Air Seam Phantom Kit 1
Air Seam Phantom Kit
1.800 €
VAT not included
G13VA Angle Grinder with speed control 1
G13VA Angle Grinder with speed control
190 €
> BEFORE 246,26 € <
VAT not included
Anti Slip Aluminium profiles  1
Anti Slip Aluminium profiles
5,94 €
VAT not included
Zenith 3276 Ultra adhesive 1
Zenith 3276 Ultra adhesive
45 €
VAT not included

Tools bestseller

Milling Wheel  1
Milling Wheel
310 €
VAT not included
Porcelain Diamond Blade  1
Porcelain Diamond Blade
32 €
VAT not included
Segmented router Fast D.22 H.45 1
Segmented router Fast D.22 H.45
112 €
> BEFORE 140 € <
VAT not included
wet Granite Diamond Blade ECO 1
wet Granite Diamond Blade ECO
100 €
VAT not included
Polisher PE14-3/125 Flex 1400w Speed control 1
Polisher PE14-3/125 Flex 1400w Speed...
295 €
> BEFORE 332,69 € <
VAT not included
Stretch Film 23my 50cm. 1
Stretch Film 23my 50cm.
7,75 €
VAT not included
Neutral putty Star 1
Neutral putty Star
2,50 €
VAT not included
Wedgee safety  1
Wedgee safety
9 €
VAT not included

Our catalog of tools and consumables for machinery

Abrasive and Diamond for Aging
Abrasive and diamond tools for aging natural stone and engineered stone. View list of Abrasive and Diamond for Aging
Backing pads, couplings and accessories
Backing pads for abrasive discs View list of Backing pads, couplings and accessories
Bushhammering and sandblasting
Sandblasting machines, bushhammer electrical machines and bushhammering plates for granite, marble and natural stone. View list of Bushhammering and sandblasting
Chemical products
First quality on mastics, adhesives and silicones for stone, quartz, ceramics and solid surfaces. View list of Chemical products
CNC Diamond tools
Diamond tools for working stone, glass, quartz, ceramic.. View list of CNC Diamond tools
Compressed air
High quality compressors for industrial market. Screw and piston compressors. View list of Compressed air
Diamond Blades
All types of diamond blades for stone, granite, marble, quartz, porcelain and masonry. View list of Diamond Blades
Diamond Drills
Diamond drills for stone, marble, granit, porcelain, quartz and solid surfaces. View list of Diamond Drills
Diamond Polishing products
Diamond tools for wet or dry edge processors. Suitable for granite, marble, stone, quartz, solid surfaces, porcelane, etc.. View list of Diamond Polishing products
General consumables
More consumables for stone industry. View list of General consumables
Grinding Diamond Tools
Diamond tools for dry and wet grinding and honed of Granite, Marble, Stone, quartz, porcelain and solid surfaces. View list of Grinding Diamond Tools
Handling, Storage, Lifting Tools
Tools to improve the process of handling, storage and stone lifting. These tools are studied to facilitate the daily work and do it safety. View list of Handling, Storage, Lifting Tools
Measuring tools
Measuring tools for professionals View list of Measuring tools
Miscellaneous products ( packaging, anti slip, claddings, fiberglass, pencils, etc..) View list of Miscellaneous
New products without using discounted to be discontinued. View list of Outlet
Personal Protective Equipment
Personal protective equipment of the best brands to work safely. View list of Personal Protective Equipment
Pneumatic and electric power tools.
High quality pneumatic and electric power tools. Saw machines, polisher machines... View list of Pneumatic and electric power tools.
Sandblasting materials
Materials for Sandblasting processes View list of Sandblasting materials
Silicon Carbide Abrasives
Silicon carbide abrasives for polishing natural and artificial stone. View list of Silicon Carbide Abrasives
silicon carbide discs
Abrasives for dry grinding and polishing marble, granite, quartz and natural stone View list of silicon carbide discs
Special offer with gift View list of SPECIAL OFFER
Special Stone Masonry Tools
High quality carbide tools. Chisel, compass, tracer, Flat teeth chisel, point compass, bush chisel, pitcher, pneumatic hammers, etc... View list of Special Stone Masonry Tools
Tool holders, suction cups and accessories for CNC
Wide range of tool holders, suction cups and other accessories for most brands of CNC machines ( Bavelloni, CMS Brembana, Denver, Cobalm, Intermac, Bimatech, Gadia, Breton, Prussiani, etc…) View list of Tool holders, suction cups and accessories for CNC
Widia Drill bits
Widia drills bits for natual stone, marble, granite, ceramic, quartz, solide surface View list of Widia Drill bits
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